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Fleet Management

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TeMeDa MRM and MGC US have partnered to bring video technology to TeMeDa’s telematics platform. This integration enables companies to effectively create a video based driver coaching program in addition to a full featured asset management system. Additionally, the camera technology will provide vital evidence in the case of any types of incidents including collisions, aggressive driving behavior, and third party claims.

By connecting to TeMeDa’s MC-3 vehicle tracking device, the MDR-5000 sends real-time notifications through the web based platform; providing organizations with the information they need to manage the system. This ensures that real-time notifications are available for large fleet groups to determine which cameras needed to be reviewed or serviced.

We look forward to introducing this technology in Australia shortly.

Program Features:

  • Fleet Tracking
  • Reports & Notifications
  • Fuel Tax Reporting (IFTA)
  • eLogs/HOS
  • Driver Coaching
  • Onboard Fleet Cameras

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TomTom is dedicated to fleet management and vehicle telematics. Our WEBFLEET platform is used by 36,000 businesses to improve vehicle performance, save fuel, support drivers and increase overall fleet efficiency. We provide out-of-the box vehicle tracking, dispatching, 2-way communication and navigation solutions. TomTom is the only “complete solution”, offering the freshest maps, HD Traffic, IQ Routes, hardware, traffic-based navigation and fleet management technology. See more…